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Any thoughts on that stereo?


I wish it would play DVD-sized data discs full of MP3s. That would give over 70 hours of nonstop, no-repeat tunes.


Re: Sennheiser SET100-J Wireless Personal Infrared Listening System. What exactly are these compatible with?
Or should I say what are these NOT compatible with…?


Also, these are marked as mono headphones. Is that correct? They are not stereo?

EDIT: I mean the sennheiser wireless ones


Samsung 3D Player - Don’t forget that Samsung recently added the Redbox Instant Streaming app. For those of you who appreciate that Redbox Instant Streaming will only get BETTER. Buy up your coinstar and Verizon stock kiddos.


Does this support Netflix or Hulu?


Re: Sennheiser IR headphones

Yes, they are mono. As for incompatability, the literature says plasma TVs cause interference with the IR signal. They certainly work fine with my LCD TV. Flourescent lights are also said to cause interference and I’ve noticed that if lights are turned on while using them that you can hear static momentarily, but then it subsides.

If you are using them with the audio outputs on the back of your television, most people will need a stereo to mono adapter. They do come with a headphone jack adapter, so you can use a headphone jack for output or use a stereo rca to headphone adapter (which is what I do).


Anyone know about the Samsung stereo and how it can silence vocals so you can sing karaoke. I haven’t found too much info on the web. Thanks.


On the product page on Best Buy’s website, it does list Netflix but not Hulu.


As that might be true when the product was first released, hulu is now available on this unit. It is a feature they added to an update about a year ago.