BrandX 1204W 4CH Amp w/Dig V/A Display

1204W 4CH Amp??
602 Watts x 2 @ 1 Ohm Stereo??
1204 Watt Total Output
REALLY?? A tad misleading considering that a 1 ohm speaker configuration is so rare that only 3 people on the planet will have such a system setup.
This essentially a 400 watt amplifier.

1 Ohm subs are uncommon, but they’re anything but rare. Heck, here’s a
6" 1 Ohm sub from the mothership:

Per the vendor: “Amplifier is capable of 1 ohm stereo which yes is rare however fully possible with this amplifier. We list the maximum loads and capabilities of the amplifier, if customer intends to use it in a 4 ohm or 2 ohm application those wattages are also listed.”