Braswell’s Select Honey

What area is the honey from please?

Braswell’s appears to be located in Georgia. Here’s the link to the site:

The bottom of that web pages says:

Braswell Food Company | Statesboro, Georgia | 800.673.9388 |


What kind of processing and filtration did this honey undergo?

Sounds strange to me. Honey doesn’t need a recipe or to be “preserved”.

Don’t see any any reference to recipes other than to use it as an ingredient in recipes.

And one of the definitions of preserve is to keep in it’s original state. I believe they are just referencing that it is packaged in reusable glassware.

Raw honey not heated nor exposed remains good for a very, very long time. In 1924, edible honey was found in TutenKamun’s tomb dating back to 1323 B.C.

That’s why I asked about processing and filtration. My market has some locally sourced honey which has been sieved but not filtered that is absolutely incredible. It still includes pollen grains and beeswax. A small amount coats your mouth and the finish lingers for many minutes…not unlike a fine wine.

One advantage of living where I do (South Dakota) is the availability of locally made raw honey. I can buy a three pound jar at the farmers market for $15, and it’s really good - it has the long-lasting taste that you described. I’m starting to bootleg it for a few folks up in the Twin Cities, who don’t have such easy and low-cost access to the good stuff.


Raw honey. Blue cheese. Figs. Baguette. Wine. Need I say more?

I don’t like that the sellers of this honey have nothing to say or answer any questions. I love all kinds of honey, but they are not making me feel very secure in buying their product, and so I am not.

I just bought some because you said that :slight_smile:

I’m glad, now you can tell us if it’s really good and worth buying in the future!