Braswell's Seafood Sauce Carafe, 6 Count

Braswell's Seafood Sauce Carafe, 6 Count

The title says: “Braswell’s Seafood Sauce Carafe, 7 Count” and then lists the items you will receive as:
2 - Seafood Cocktail Sauce Carafes-9.0 oz.
1 - Seafood Sweet Bourbon Glaze Carafe-9.0 oz.
1 - Fish Taco Marinade Carafe-9.0 oz.
1 - Seafood Remoulade Sauce Carafe-9.0 oz.
1 - Tangy Lemon Caper Sauce Carafe-9.0 oz.

Excuse me for passing my elementary math class, but 2 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 = 6 (SIX) So,
Or do we get another bottle of something…?
Or does the shipping container count as an item?

Just asking…


Hypothesis: this item contains another fun distraction game/puzzle embedded in it as a bonus. We read the item titles as instructions on gameplay. Step one: “Count”
Step two: …

Mmm lemon caper sauce :drooling_face:

Hi there. It’s for 6 carafes.

So I assume the missing 7th carafe of seafood sauce is self-isolating in a warehouse somewhere?

BTW the way the forum works, it looks like the “7 Count” is still stuck as the heading of the discussion, but yes the main page now correctly shows 6 Count.