Braswell's Select Mixed Honey (4)

Braswell’s Select Mixed Honey 4-Pack
Sold by: Wine Country Connect, LLC
$34.99 $52.00 33% off List Price
(1) - Braswell’s Select Alfalfa Honey, 12.5 oz
(1) - Braswell’s Select Ginger Honey, 12.5 oz
(1) - Braswell’s Select Orange Blossom Honey, 12.5 oz
(1) - Braswell’s Select Wild Berry Honey, 12.5 oz

Unit Price = $11.20/lb.

The few reviews I can find are good. My first thought was the glasses look nice to use after the honey is finished but also look like they would be a bit messy. That was one of the few negative comments I found. I am sure a honey dipper would help. The price is good for this brand but if you want an alt with squeeze bottles at about 2/3 the price:

Yes, the woot God’s have heard me!!! I asked if they could bring back this item from 2015 with the addition of Gourmet.Woot.

Braswell’s Honey

I absolutely love the Orange Blossom Honey. It tastes amazing when you are sick and mix some with hot water. I still have 1 left from my original order that I use sparingly.

I’d love to try their mixed this time around to see how the others taste :slight_smile: Definitely going to be getting multiple orders!

I bought these glasses of honey one other time they were offered. They were all very good and the glasses were indeed very nice. In fact I use them every day. I like to use local honey, but these flavors were a nice change and very good in tea.

Just purchased 4 sets! Thank you Woot!!!

Good raw honey is so much better than the crap they sell at the grocery stores!

Luckily, we have a local place that local beekeepers sell they honey at. We get our honey there as it’s cheaper & I love to support local beekeepers.

Any info about where the honey is sourced from? Is it all US honey, or somewhere else in the world?

Pure USA bee poop!

I don’t see how, except maybe as another Plant-based source of drippy excessive sweetness?


Bee puke not bee poop. Because that is sooo much better. :wink:

heh, we use the glasses as well. they were a pleasant surprise.

For what it’s worth, IMO these are labeled incorrectly. Especially the Ginger honey. To have a source added to the label along with the common name “honey” the maker must ensure that the floral source contributed to the honey making process; adding ginger flavoring to the honey does not make it “ginger honey”. It makes it Ginger Flavored Honey. Semantics I know, but Honey has been abused a lot over the years. If the source is pure and known, such as Apple blossom or Orange Blossom, it is okay to include that in the common name. Otherwise it should be known as Wild Flower Honey or just Honey.

Just coming here to say that. Bee poop doesn’t sound great. But Bee puke, yummo! :slight_smile:

That band was the first thing I thought of when I read that post. I love the pun you worked in there with “Plant-based.”

There was a documentary on Netflix about honey recently. Source is very important now as China has found ways of imitating honey with a rice syrup which they dilute with actual honey.

Anybody know the shelf life on these?

Honey does not go bad, 3000 year old honey has been found in Egypt that is still good. It can crystallize, which you can fix by heating it up.

i’ll be sure to try to source some “aged Honey” in the future. :slight_smile: