Braswell's Select Mixed Honey (4)

Braswell’s Select Mixed Honey 4-Pack
Sold by: Wine Country Connect, LLC
$34.99 $52.00 33% off List Price
Braswell’s Select Alfalfa Honey, 12.5 oz
Braswell’s Select Ginger Honey, 12.5 oz
Braswell’s Select Orange Blossom Honey, 12.5 oz
Braswell’s Select Wild Berry Honey, 12.5 oz

#1. What is gourmet about pure honey?
#2. At this price this company must be dreaming. I
Please find reasonably priced items.

  1. I suspect that what’s gourmet about this honey is twofold. First, most “pure” honeys sold in a typical grocery store aren’t actually pure. Many are mixed with things like corn syrup. Feel free to google “corn syrup in honey” to find all of the hits on the topic.

Second, even if you are buying a pure honey in a grocery store, most are combinations of honeys that are blended to provide a consistent product (kinda like how Hershey’s blends different chocolate sources to give you the same overall chocolate every time). These are single-source honeys, which are more expensive.

  1. It’s not an outrageous price. 50 oz of honey (12.5 oz * 4 bottles) at $34.99 works out to 70 cents per ounce. I see cheaper honeys on Amazon, but they’re typically of the “honey in a little plastic bear” variety. The better quality honeys not only approach this price, but plenty exceed it.

added flavor. pass.

Can’t speak to the honey, but I will note that the jars are semi-addictive as bistro-style glasses once empty. I bought a mustard sampler last month, and the jars are solid and feel good in the hand. So there’s that.

Only the ginger one has anything added. It was my least favorite of all of them. The others were good, but the ginger one was only good for things like adding to tea.

I’ll second that. There is a major condiment company, Develey, here in Europe that puts all different kinds of mustard in these jars/glasses and I have a few of them in my cupboard, I love them. Of course if you just want the glass, I suppose there are cheaper ways to get one, but good honey is good stuff. :wink:

Where is this sourced?

Assuming sufficiently high quality to justify it, which having not tried this honey, I can’t speak to, but with that assumption, I’d say this is the first potentially reasonably priced item (on a per-oz basis) I’ve seen since the move from wine to Gourmet - I’ve absolutely bought a jar of single-source gourmet honey of this same size for over $10, and thought it was a perfectly reasonable price. There’s a huge difference between gourmet honey and mainstream honey. (On the other hand, that jar of gourmet honey I bought… that was like 2 years ago, and I still have half of it, so I also dunno what I’d do with 4 of them of that size. But just on a per-oz basis, it’s not so crazy if the quality is there.)