Braswells Select Mustard Sampler (5)

Braswells Select Mustard 5-Pack Sampler
Sold by: Wine Country Connect, LLC
$31.99 $48.50 34% off List Price
Braswell’s Select Champagne Dill Mustard, 9 oz Jar
Braswell’s Select Hot Horseradish Mustard, 9 oz Jar
Braswell’s Select Smoky Chipotle Mustard, 9 oz Jar
Braswell’s Select Wasabi Mustard, 9 oz Jar
Braswell’s Select Truffle Mustard, 9 oz Jar

Unit Price = $11.38/pint

i’m strictly in it for the “collectable european drinkware”

Has anyone tried these- I’m actually very interested in the flavor profiles. We love our cheese platters and are mustard fanatics.

I’ll admit that I don’t watch EVERY day, but it seems that since the new year, has changed to and basically stopped selling wine.

Is this true? Say it ain’t so. If that’s really the case, then there is nothing left for me on woot.

These, as individual items, are often found at our local Home Goods stores. If you don’t want to jump in to a 5 pack, go see what they have. If any of course. Home Goods is catch as catch can.

I picked up the Wasabi for my son a while back. It’s not for everyday use, but he loves it. Problem is it tends to migrate to the back of the fridge so he had to actually remember to drag it out when it would pair well with something.

That’s all i got for ya :smiley:

I’ve ordered these mustards before, though I don’t recall the truffle mustard - maybe my batch had another flavor in its place. They are very good and the flavors are quite distinct, in contrast to some products which have only mild flavor differentiation. This is more mustard than I need right now (I’m still working on my last two jars) so I won’t be ordering today, but if these were to be offered again in a few months I would have no qualms about buying them again.

It is so.

TL;DR: No more wine due to sales regs. But you’ll find the same old crowd over at

No one needs five jars of mustard.

I have at least five jars of mustard in my frig right now and I need all of them. So obviously untrue.

Yep, replaced wine with overpriced food items.

Thanks to those that pointed me to other places. I guess I’ll continue to spend most of my wine money at WTSO.

And checkout casemates.