Braswells Select Mustard Sampler (6)

Braswells Select Mustard Sampler (6)

I have only had the Truffle Mustard and it is legit good, especially works great on any German type sausages. Would def buy a six pack if I could get all Truffle Mustard :slight_smile:

Comparable per each price to those I’ve found at Home Goods in the past. So if you don’t want to go all in for 6 check out Home Goods/TJ Maxx and see if they have any.

My son loves the Wasabi Mustard.

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I’ve had all but the dill pickle mustard. I agree with abartig, they’re good. Usually, with a variety pack, you find one that just doesn’t work for you, but that didn’t happen with the Braswells mustards.