Brat on Cabbage

Brat on Cabbage

I already got one! But fun times trying again.

Look at me, I’m in the Vestibule of… oh. Ooops. Now I’m not.

To the VOP again

straight to the VOP


I’m contacting Cabbage Patch kids about possible trademark infringement

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Snagged one!

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:heart_eyes: Cabbage!

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Vop and it got yanked already

i dont know how i could have possibly been faster…

This ain’t it.

Blah missed again.

I blinked… :poop:

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Straight to VoP for me

Weird. Nothing refreshed like it was supposed to for me, I didn’t even see the forum post. Whatever. I HATE THIS SITE. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

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Got in at 94% remaining and still VOP’d

remember the old days when there would occasionally be a crap following a crap

i quit