Braun 190 Series 1 Men’s Shaver

Why would someone buy 3 electric shavers at one time? Especially in January in the middle if the night. Just sayin.

Maybe they plan on using them as replacements when it’s time to replace the foil

Not a bad idea at all, the blades and the screens cost nearly as much as the units.

Thanks. I figured there was a good reason. I’d forgotten what a hassle and expense replacements are.

Ohh, sorry I just missed this one. My favorite shaver in the past - what was the price?

Convert ‘Order pace’ to seconds then:

[‘Woot wage’/3600sec]*‘Order pace’

Then use common sense to how woot usually prices things.

They were likely $29.99.

btw, the only thing woot itself doesn’t reveal for archiving is the condition (refurb, new, etc.).