Braun COOLTEC CT2CC Shaver Black

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Braun COOLTEC CT2CC Shaver Black
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Time to learn all about CooTec Shavers and learn all about the maintenance on your new shaver

i like that this shaver has the base station that cleans and lubricates. reading the reviews the cool tech works too.

having said that dont buy an electric shaver that doesnt have a pivoting head.

a lot of people online say this is like a braun 3 (with no pivoting head), and i guess the gold standard is braun 7.

amzn mothership best sellers for electric shavers:

#1 braun clean and renew cartridge
#2 braun 7 $160
#3 braun 3 $49
#51 braun cooltec w/out base

I received the Braun chilled cooltec as a promotional item. The cooling bar works very well. If you are someone who’s face burns when shaving no matter what, this should be very helpful. As someone used to shaving, this might be a little too odd of a sensation to really make a good go of it.
The cleaning solution is a nice touch, but it’s a cost commitment to upkeep if you go that route.

Under the features section it is noted: “Furthermore, more than 150 consumers confirmed a noticeably closer shave and more than 110 consumers a better skin comfort after regular usage of the Clean&Charge Station*.”

What type of useless statistic is that? I’m sure more than 150 units of this product have been sold world-wide…
So the key piece of info missing is the base sample size #. If that was say 1000, then the 150 & 110 numbers are poor in terms of positive responses for the product. If the sample size was 200 then these are excellent to good responses.

I did notice the * at the end of the stat comment…too bad there is no footnote anywhere to indicate what that asterisk is for.

All that aside…Amazon ratings & others give this product 4 to 4.5 stars rating (out of 5 stars).

Based on my personal experience with shavers, I agree with lx003n’s statement regarding pivoting shaving heads. I would state that a shaver with pivoting heads works exceptionally well at providing a superior closer shave.

Found the * info:

  • Consumer studies done in Germany 2009


Removing my misguided comment lol.

Oh come on. We’re all friends here.