Braun Flex XP 5610 Rechargeable Electric Shaver


Welcome to the Braun Flex XP 5610 topic for Thurssday October 7th, 2004. Please post your questions, experiences, or pricing comments for the Braun Flex XP 5610 here.


I may have to get one of these. Though I dont shave very often. I dont plan on getting this after another thought. Here is some information that may help others.

the lowest price elsewhere online is looking to be 39.99~

Would be a good gift idea for any budding young man or woman who could use a shave. Remember only 80 shopping days till Christmas:-)


2nd :frowning: lol the large pic is sort of like false advertising, or is it? hey its only $30 well worth it for a chance to look liike antonio


nice, i could use this, woot. I’m in.


I’ll be back in 24 hours I guess.


This looks interesting. Now I just need to find out if any family members want one… hopefullly they’ll wake up before this sells out :slight_smile:


braun makes quality items


Naaaaaaaa don’t need it!


seconed I think. not a bad deal


the large picture is hilarious.


haha nice enlarged picture


i can shave my back while waiting for fresh woot.


Alright…its nice and all…but come on Woot…Gimme something I can use! :frowning:


SEnd me 2 dozen!




meh, they go for about the same price on fleabay


I have yet to find an electric razor that does not rip the $%&* out of my face.

Looks like it will be no woot! and sharp pieces of metal for the Firebert.

Good price though, and a FINE woot!. Keep it up fellers.


not for me, but for gift giving purposes, its great.


From middle eastern to latino in one shave. I wonder what it will do to a whitey like me…


Great deal, but I just bought a new shaver about two days ago. Plus I don’t like this style of them. Still this is a great price.

Maybe I’ll get one for a spare.