Braun Forehead Thermometer

Braun Forehead Thermometer

Got this out today to test it (again) and apparently we all have hypothermia.

That’s why you should only trust the rectal thermometers.

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They are more accurate, agreed! But they break and I don’t want to share that with others under the roof!

With enough determination and a good lube any thermometer can be a rectal thermometer.

Did you try the usual?

Turn it off and turn it on again
Change the batteries
Blow on it
Shake it
Drop it “accidentally”

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Just don’t mix that up with your pen.

My doctor was struggling to write my prescription when I said “Doctor, that’s a rectal thermometer in your hand!”

He replied: “Dammit! Some ■■■■■■■’s got my pen!”


Lemme guess. You and the kids are on chapter 3 of “how to make cocktails?”

Appreciate the suggestions! Ok, so just tried again to make sure since it’s been a few hours.We are safe from hypothermia now according to this,
but it’s not consistent. It’s varying on repeated attempts.

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