Braun Series 3 320S-4 Shaver + Bonus

TONS of good reviews (4.2 out of 5.0) over at amazon

Great reviews (4.1 out of 5.0) over at

Check out this video, courtesy of marketshopminsk[youtube=nhD5Pijxh0I][/youtube]

[MOD: Video says it’s a Series 4. We’re selling Series 3.]

If you’re one of those people who finds an electric shave satisfactory, go for it.

However, I’d rather put the money towards laser hair removal or a good razor.

I have this exact electric. I thought it was terrible at first, but after break-in it shaves very closely, closer than my wet-shaving kit! (Merkur blades/holder, I have VERY sensitive skin so nearly impossible to go against-grain without bleeding). My Norelco likes to dig into my face as well, but not this bad-boy. It takes a couple-passes sometimes to get some stubborn hairs but the end-result is great.

I have the same shaver. This thing works great if your stubble isn’t too coarse.

Unfortunately I have very thick facial hair, so I have to spend about 15-20 minutes with it and with multiple passes.

The Series 7 is a much better for heavy duty work.

Merkur blades…there is your problem. Merkur blades are trash. If you have sensitive skin I recommend trying out some Crystals or Astras. Astras can be had on amazon for $7 for 100 with free shipping at times. Also try out different soaps. So far I’ve found that Cella is my favorite. Smells amazing, too.



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Oh yeah, my buddies ex girlfriend swears by this brand!

I just looked down and said nothing.

I tried to complete my order for the Braun Series 3 3204-4 shaver plus bonus repeatedly, but it kept turning down my email address /password! After you ran out, I got the message that it was sold out! I feel I that my purchase should have been acknowledged and processed, as I had my order prepared and ready in time!!!

I’m sorry but you do have to be logged in to complete a sale.