Brave Woman Adventure Kit


Welcome to the Woot-off item #17 topic for Friday October 22nd, 2004. Please post your questions, experiences, or pricing comments for the Brave Woman Adventure Kit here.



Wow… i dont think ive ever been “first” before :lol:




Woot :!: price: $34.99

That was a fun Woot-Off of deals today! And just in case you missed the final picture of Brave Woman:!.jpg

Check out my gadget reviews at: :lol:






last item i guess.


may be 1st… not this just want the home theater


No more purple lights.
G’night kids!


Sell the hat by itself and I’ll order.


Got on the 1st page 2x today. WOOT!!!1

What happened to the “personal trainer” in the enlargement pic? Did she break the ab thing and he left?


Bahahahha, she stood up!


The site was loading really slow for me (I presume from all you open-wallets reloading =p), so I was left with the description “Brave Woman Adventure Kit” with no image or long description… leaving me to wonder what the HELL it was.

Really, if you had only that title to go on, what do YOU think of? >.>


nice enlarged pic woot


See you all Sunday at midnight!


Thnx for the fun woot. Our office was all goin nuts for woot today =). And on top of that my girlfriend’s barebones ICE Case came in today. Seems like alot more ppl want it. (Like some smoker who went outside and missed the 99 dollar one). BRAVE WOMEN EVERYWHERE! WEAR THE HAT! DON THE LIGHT AND SUCK MY CARPET FLOOR!!! while I play video games or something


I want the hat… 8)


I think they’re selling it for $34.99 + $5 shipping, with a free flashlight and vaccuum. You must hurry, though.


Yeah, I want a hat too. :wink:


So… SOOOOOOOOOOOOO lame. Where are my Dell 5.1 speakers, EH???