Brave Woman


I sort-of understand the Brave Woman thing, but could some one tell me about it and what item its from or a link? Please.


Calling Killingtime.


You might start with this thread:


The funny thing is I won the Photoshop Contest 58 using brave woman…


Yes, when you say “won”, I wonder if you understand the monkey prize concept.


Yea, that is true. Im the ultimate winner of the worst pictures wo its like I won something…


Where did she get her name?


That sig line wasn’t there 30 seconds ago.

Good question, I’d like to know where she got her name, too.




My recollection is that she was named at a private website where she was originally photoshopped (several times). At least one on the woot staffers is a member of this website.

Sorry for the lack of specifics…