Braveman 2-Piece Classic Suits

I bought one of these last time on Woot. I have been very pleased. The quality is far beyond what I expected and the fit was perfect. Really well-made and the material isn’t “shiny”, fully lined.

These are not bad suits for the price being offered here. I’d say quality wise is in the range of a $120-$150 suit.

Some of the things that you should be aware of:

  • You will get pants unhemmed and according to the size jacket you choose.

  • They run a bit on the side of big.

  • These are not of the more flattering European cut or Athletic cut.

I’m close to 6’2" about 225 lbs. I ordered a 48R and the jacket is a bit big on me. Could I wear it w/o altering it? Maybe, but It’d look as if I bought it on sale bc it doesn’t fit nice and slim. The pants, I’m definitely gonna have to take them to get altered. I received size 40 pants.

By the time I spend the $ on a good tailor to do alterations, you may end up spending as much or more than if you catch a good sale at a Van Heusen outlet.

Of course, you may end receiving a suit that fits you like a glove and the only thing you’ll have to do is have the pants hemmed up. IMO, if you are a broad shoulder guy, you most likely will end up with the same problem I experienced.

Nothing says classy like a polyester suit.

I have not purchased one or tried one on. But note that the fabric is all polyester. Even if it were otherwise well made, you’d still have a polyester and not a wool (or wool blend) suit.

Any idea on the pant length? I see the waist measurements, but I can’t figure out the length.

More detail in the sizing PDF here- I believe the measurement you’re looking for is just “length”.

It is unhemmed meaning you need to get it alter to your length.

Just purchased two of these, since I missed out last time.

The most convincing argument for these suits last go-around was something to the effect of “These aren’t perfect suits, but everyone needs a suit they’re not worried to get into a fight with.”

Just my luck - a great deal on a suit comes along, and they don’t have my size!

Wooters from way back, especially those who played in the weekly contest, remember her . . . ‘Braveman’ reminded me.

Sigh, why do they have to pair the jacket and the pants sizes. I’m a 42S jacket size and a 34 waist size.

The Braveman suit that I purchased a few weeks ago is 65% polyester, 35% Viscose. Like I said, it isn’t “shiney” or plastic-y. And the fit was excellent for me. I just noticed these are 100% polyester, so a different fabric.

“She was all over him like a cheap suit.”

Anyone recall the “glory days” when Haband of Patterson (NJ) used to send out swatches of materials for your consideration? Unreal thinness, light came through like a burlap curtain.

In their effort to find cheaper places to make stuff, I saw a pair of Haband pants made in Mongolia!

The white synthetic loafers completed the look.

But not everyone needs Armani.

You promised you could fit me in a $50 suit. Eddie are you kidding?


Yeah, I have to buy separates too. My last set wound up being a 44R jacket (hilarious, I’m nowhere near that big but I would have torn the shoulder seams out of the 42R) and 34W pants. I just wait for a local sale on separates and go try them on, ignoring the size tags.

I didn’t notice these are 100% polyester. The one I ordered was 65% Polyester, 35% Viscose.

It didn’t look bad to me. These are made for the person who just got an entry position with a Corp.(mail room)and is required to wear a suit.

I don’t think a Fortune 500 exec will be looking for suits at Woot. :wink:

True, but you can find a cheap wool suit for the same price or less. Overstock has them all the time. Just saying. Polyester is polyester.

I love woot, but these are not good quality suits and they are not a particularly good deal either.

You can even do that well at Kohls if you wait for a sales day + 30% coupons. That’s where I got my “starter suit” that was wool. These are polyester. Nobody should be touching them under any circumstance.

If they had one in green, I’d buy one to wear as a slightly different take on my Dr. Octopus costume from last year. I think he wore a green suit with a yellow turtleneck once.