Braveman Men's Classic 2-Piece Suit, 7 Colors

The size vs. chest measurement make no sense to me.

would be great if you could choose the jacket and pants separately.

“She was all over him like a cheap suit.”

Given there are no returns and given that sizes vary widely among makers, what are the chances that you will get one that fits?

I’ve ordered a few items direct from China, and their idea of L or XL are simple waaay too small.

material specs? Could not find them, where should I look?

OOPS, 100% polyester!!!

I received my suit today, the pants were listed at 34 and are about 3 inches from being able to fit on me. I have other 34 dress pants that are slightly loose, so something is amiss with the sizing on this suit. I have a feeling there will be other folks with the same issue.