Braveman Slim-Fit 3-Piece Suit, 5 Colors

Im a 40R with a 30w. What are guys like me supposed to do? Tailoring a 34 to a 30 is a bit much dont you think?

Similar here. 40S with 30w.

what is your return policy in case the suite is the correct size but does not fit?

Oh, I get it. Because you’ve got to be a Braveman to buy a $60 polyester suit sight-unseen and expect it to look like anything but a disaster, right?

I bought this suit as a Regular the product came back on the receipt as a Long…My fault to not pay attention, actually the length was pretty close so I’m glad I didn’t get the regular, it would have been too short in the sleeves.
I went the next size up to a 50/44 (I can fit in this size at any store and have plenty of room to adjust the size…)
This thing is WAY TOOOOOOOOOO Small!
NOOOOOOOOOOOOO more buying from WOOT! NO RETURN Policy!!!