Braveman Slimfit Tuxedo

will woot allow returns for this item?

“Decorative buttons on right cuff”

Only on one cuff?? that seems odd…the product photos seem to show button on both sleeves on the white, but only one sleeve on the black.

You can read our return policy here.

Did they ever make a Bond film where his tux was 65% polyester?

I’d bet on Quantum of Solace… since everything else about it sucked.

Both cuffs. :slight_smile:

Nothing says class like a polyester tuxedo.

Klass. So klassy, it’s spelled with a K.

I purchased two sets of these. One in each color for my wedding. The jacket fits great since I bought it with the right size. The pants are too big. I needed 34 and got 36. Seems to be standard as I found the same sizes at Hollywood Suits.

So, before I was the esteemed forum mod I am today, I used to work as a tailor’s apprentice. I can say from personal experience that you can absolutely have those pants fitted to your correct size. Just be sure to read reviews or ask around for a good quality tailor in your area.