Braven BRV-1 Bluetooth Speaker

great speaker. i actually got this at walmart clearance for about the same price. battery last forever. it’s been camping, to the beach etc and no issues.

Seems like a nice speaker. Currently selling for $65. Tom’s Guide says it’s rugged and well priced at $99 (2 years ago). CNet also likes the screw on cap on the back (3 years ago). It’s not as loud as a Flip 2 but it’s also not as expensive even now.

The only cons appear to be specifics relating to Audiophiles. And a potential pairing problem. The problem being that you need to pair it manually every time.

Title describes 1400 battery but specs show 2200. Which is it?

It’s 2200mah. This is a good price for a new one. I just bought this last week from Techrabbit, refurbished, for $14.99, no tax, free shipping and it arrived yesterday. In my dining room, it was pretty loud and sounds good… It’s quite rugged with its thick, rubberized casing.

Does everyone echo “I have to pair it every time”?

Will this work with a projector for outdoor movies with the fam?

I’ve had 2 of these for years. Sadly, I paid msrp, but have been very satisfied. They’ve gotten wet, been painted accidentally,
dropped from 2 stories, and work like new. Sound is much better than any other speaker in this size. I have occasionally had to manually connect, but not always.

I’ve had this for 3+ years. Bought it MSRP. At $20, you can’t get a better speaker. Even at $100, this will still be near the top of my list.

Bought this at my local pool store for $99 3-years back. It’s fully water resistant and the pool water has no affect on this speaker. I cannot believe it’s just $20 now! Buy this for you and one for your friends. Awesome!

Came doa, will not charge…bummer. Got refund instead of replacement.

Same here…bummer