Braven Portable Bluetooth Speaker - 5 Colors

**Item: **Braven Portable Bluetooth Speaker - 5 Colors
Price: $29.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: Factory Reconditioned

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I can’t speak directly for the 570, but I’ve had the Braven 600 for about a year now. The difference from the 570 is that the 600 has a longer battery life, and a metal case from what I can tell. The sound is on par, and in some respects, surpass the Jambox. The battery does last as long as claimed, and the speaker phone’s noise cancelling mic is great. The added functionality of being able to charge your devices off of it was what ultimately drove me to buying the Braven over the Jambox.

If I were to have one complaint about it, it would be the power button. My first one was brand new, and the power buttons snapped off in two days. I had it replaced with no hassle, and the replacement has had no issues since.

Let’s check out the good review (8 out of 10 stars) from

Every color they make aside from Green, eh? Green with envy here :<

Oh well, there’s always purple, should be nice to replace the smaller mono speakers I have poking around with the (somewhat) proprietary cables which I haven’t yet to lose out out of the 5 different sets I’ve picked up.

I bought the 600 last time woot had it up for sale. While it works well, the reconditioned unit was scratched so bad it looked like it fell off a motorcycle on a highway. It looks horrible. I would have returned it but I bought it for behind my bar and no one ever sees it.

Ugh. I don’t have a bar to hide it behind; I’m always on the other side. I hope the one I just ordered doesn’t suffer from road rash.

Been dying for a decently priced bluetooth speaker for ages. Seems like maybe this is the deal. I don’t care about a sturdy case cuz we’re finally “old” and can take care of our things. Looking for mildly decent sound quality and either good battery life or the ability to plug this thang into the wall. Will this do what i want for a price i like?

Bought the 600 on a previous sale and while the form factor was attractive, sound performance was blown away by other BT speakers, namely this one:

Less expensive, attractive in its own way, and better sound reproduction. The speakerphone shows no appreciable distortion, as opposed to the Braven, and it comes with an 18-month warranty with excellent customer service.

That appears to be a mono speaker whereas the Braven is stereo. That matters to me if the speaker is on my desk in front of me and I want a realistic sound field.

Bought the Braven 600 the last time it was offered on Woot… Sounded great, worked great until the on/off switch broke after a month.

I’d avoid it. They’ll be inexpensive from black friday on.

On QVC this item has about 2 stars…90% were about broken power switches…this is a REAL problem with this model. Is the low price worth the possibility of the pain of returning the unit? Still trying to decide.

Same here. Mine lasted about about a month before the power switch broke. When it breaks, this thing is absolutely useless. I am gonna skip this one and wait for something else.

For an extra $5 go to the mothership and buy a brand new Oontz Angle. Better quality, better sound, better battery life, just better…

Is the white light indicator supposed to be 50-100%? 10-100% is a pretty wide range, and not very informative. Green – yellow – red would have made more sense.

Battery Check Light
Press the battery check button and your Braven will show you how much battery life is left. A white light is 10-100%, blue light is 10-50% and a red light is 0-10%

The bad reviews and power switch issues seem to be about the 600 not the 570. The 570 has 4 stars(only 9 reviews) on Amazon and Samuel Huang at G Style really likes it.

The aux out allows you to make other speakers Bluetooth connected or daisy-chain-able.

This is my first Woot! ever. And I’m pleased its a Bluetooth speaker, and I’m pleased I waited around to buy this, because I was thinking about buying this last month around this time for my birthday. Phew, instead I bought 2 for only $65! I know its refurbished, so I hope its not taken any damage as far as sound quality. I’m not too concerned about cosmetics.
But this is a good buy because Braven speakers have large power banks which can help recharge dying phones and tablets…plus if you have multiple you can daisy-link them for a larger sound.
I demoed the Braven 600 at Fry’s, so I know what I’m getting.
Also I had emailed a Braven employee last month to figure out the difference between the 570 and 600. The only differences are that the 570, has a few hour difference on its lasting charge and it comes in vibrant colors compared to the 600. The sound output and size are the same.

I’m just concerned about the warranty and if you can return these if they don’t satisfy. Anybody know?

@wakenbaken, I wouldn’t get too excited about charging other devices - the 1,200mAh battery is tiny compared to battery packs designed for that purpose. I just picked up one with an 11,000 mAh battery for $25.

And forget charging most tablets - this speaker doesn’t even claim to have a 2 amp charging port.

I like the concept but it really needs at least a 3,000 mAh battery to be useful for charging and that still would not do the job for most tablets.