Braven Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Product Page with Manual

I’m not one to stump for WOOT and I don’t write comments BUT I have the BRAVEN 570 and it is really cool. And excellent. I travel for a living and this stays in my suitcase.

It’s 6" long, how good could it sound??

Excellent write-up, though!

Hey, size isn’t everything!

Have been using a Braven BZ600 for several years and it’s been great. That being said, this same speaker can be had on Amazon for $58.75, w/ free 2 day Prime shipping (if you have Prime) and a better return policy. Add WOOT’s shipping charges and it’s $54.99, along with a who knows when you’ll receive it; is it me or are these WOOT deals not what they used to be?

I love how companies think using the term “aircraft grade” is supposed to be some special type of aluminum. They don’t use any special type of aluminum in aircraft. It’s the same stuff anyone can get, it’s not more expensive because it’s used on aircraft. And there isn’t just one single type of aluminum used on aircraft either. It depends on where it is used and what its function is.


It’s not just you. Five or six years ago I’d buy something from Woot at least once a month, and that was just Woot and Shirt.woot. Now I find a good deal at best twice a year despite all the extra categories. I’ll take Amazon’s shipping and return policies for the extra $3

I bought one of these a couple of years ago for a friend as a wedding present. They love it. I’ve also got the smaller version of this model, and it sounds great for the size and price. It’s not the best known name, but I’ve purchased a few Braven speakers (either for myself or as gifts) and they’ve always been great.


I always check around before purchasing anything here. As a matter of fact I think it’s been well over a year since I was an active wooter.

Yet I still do check the site every am probably out of habit more than anything else.

It’s just like anything else when purchased by a corporation, it gets ruined by the greed of the blind managers aching to increase their quarterly numbers. SAD!

You know Woot is owned by Amazon, right? So perhaps they don’t care whether their parent company has a comparable (or better) deal.

Is there anything like Woot used to be that you use now?

Let’s make our own Woot!