Bravewoman MIA? (FOUND! by faughtey in WoW)

Well, me too either. I searched all of WoW, and more of EBW than I care to admit.

So, until someone locates it hiding in a dark corner somewhere, here are a few that I managed to collect for no apparent reason:

And finally:

Each is a thumbnail to whichever larger version was originally posted.

Why is your thread title braCewoman?!?!?!?

It icn’t enymore. :tongue:

So, you are Fen!

You taek that bakk!! That’s just meen! Relly.

OK, calm down Fe…ummmm…I mean gwp. We know you aren’t Fen. You are just channeling his spirit.

You forgot my crappy tip-it

I searched all of EBW, just so you know. Its either gone or renamed.

Brave Women, yep she is missed…


We searched through all 16 pages and couldn’t find it. There it was, sitting all alone in the corner of Page 13. Not anymore. It’s now on Page 1 where it belongs.

what’s the story with this exactly?


Every 12 years or so, we exhume a thread and see how many people … well, care



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