Bravium Mixed Rose (6)

Bravium Mixed Rosé 6-Pack
$79.99 $164.00 51% off List Price
2013 Bravium North Coast Rose of Pinot Noir
2014 Bravium Rose of Pinot Noir, Signal Ridge Vineyard
2014 Bravium Rose of Pinot Noir, Muns Vineyard
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I remember back in the old days when woot! was a quirky site that sold computers and parts… Then there were shirts. Now they have wine!

Luckily for me I work in a cellar producing Bravium wines, and now we’re on Woot! I was slaving away in the cellars as these were produced, so I’ll answer any questions you have in the morning.

I happen to know this is the last available lot of Muns Rose, so get it now or don’t get it at all.

These are three distinct Rose styles that demonstrate all that a Pinot Noir Rose can be, please enjoy!

Derek and other members of the winemaking team will be checking in as well, and we all love to talk about wine.

If these are in the style of Domaine Tempier, that’s good enough to make me hit the button. I’m a big fan of dry rosé, and the only difficulty will be finding room for them and drinking them while they are in their prime. Actually, now that I think of it, that won’t be that much of a problem. In for two.

Really intrigued by this offer and if I hadn’t just bought in pink I would this all the way.

cool! But i just want 2013 Bravium North Coast Rose of Pinot Noir 750ml 2-Pack…
Have 17 hours to consider about it

You need friends to share with. :tongue:

Hi. What’s the RS for these? I see the North Coast is dry, what about the other 2?

Where you at?

In for 1. Always in need of a nice, dry rose, but had to give it a try purely because I’ve never seen a wine on here with a production run of 26 cases before.

Probably going to kick myself for not getting 3… Just like the Denier-Handel rose from a few months back.

That’s a relief. I had almost thought that we might see Corison, Saxon Brown or Stillman Brown today. Wine budget = BLOWN

Hi jhkey,

All three of these are fermented to dryness. They also all tend to have bright and crisp acidity. These are NOT sweet by any estimation.

Hi Alison! Thanks for your order. And re: Domaine Tempier, their rose winemaking practices did serve as inspiration for me. Stylistically, they use Mourvedre, Grenache, and Cinsault grapes while we use Pinot Noir. And they are in Provence and we are in California. But the influence is most certainly there!

All three of these roses are bone dry. The fruit is there but the sugar isn’t.

I’m in the same boat. I love rose, and this looks really intriguing. But I went in on the Lucas & Lewellen rose a couple of weeks ago, and the Ped SB/Rose case last week (although splitting both). How much rose can one person really drink!?

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Interesting enough to solicit SoCal SplitZ.

Welcome Bravium team! Thanks for joining us!

We’re already out of our ordered rosés for the summer & I do love me some Pinot rosés!

In for one! ¡Salúd!

For Bravium, can you provide notes on the differences between the vineyards and vintages here? Any tasting notes on the differences between the three wines?