Bravo Farms Cheddar Two - Pack

Bravo Farms Cheddar Two - Pack
$24.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: Vegetarian Approved
1 One and a Quarter Pound of Silver Mountain Clothbound Cheddar
1 One and a Quarter Pound of Chipotle Cheddar

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This is not wine.

You win the observation award!

To all my fellow heebs: it unsurprisingly is not kosher.

But will it blend?

What’s the drink by date on these? Seriously though. What’s the expiry?

vegetarian approved means that its made with microbial rennet which tends to be bitter tasting when aged. Could this possibly be worth this price?

These are both delicious. I love the Chipotle cheddar. I can get it at my local co-op for the same price per pound without buying 2.5 pounds though. Not sure I could eat this much before it goes bad, so I’ll stick to the local. If you can’t get it local and eat a shit-ton of cheese, jump on it!

How would they be shipped? Dry ice?

I have the Chipotle Cheddar in my refrigerator right now. I just checked the package and my local grocery store (Nugget in Davis, CA) sells this cheese for $9.99 a pound. It is also on sale pretty often for $7.99.

It is pretty tasty on sandwiches!

Question for the cheese maker…

What wine would you recommend pairing with these?

thinkin’ chipotle cheddar cheese straws.

I hate to say it…but I am really hoping one of these days we get some Wisconsin cheese as an offering

For the uninformed, this is what Chipotle is…

Edit: corrected link… sorry

They’re in California; these must be Happy Cow cheeses! :wink:

That’s an awful lot for cheddar cheese…I could see it if it was a nice Manchego or a delicious Brie or something, but…cheddar?

According to Bravo Farms site the retail numbers are

Clothbound chedder 1 1/4 pounds - $24.88
Chipotle Chedder 1 1/4 pounds - $13.95
Total = $38.83
w.w price - $24.99
Savings = $13.84

For the Clothbound cheddar I had to do some divison for the price so it’s actually 24.875 for anyone who wants to check my math.

Those cost figures don’t include shipping.

I would love to see a really sharp Vermont Cheddar

Why would you hate to say that?

I think that’s a perfectly legitimate request.

Another question…

How long will these last unopened and opened?