Bravo Farms ''Tulare Cannonball'' Cheese

Thanks a ton! I’ve been watching these for a while and its awesome they went on sale. If anyone else is interested better hurry as I’ve shared it with those crazy $ders

I get so excited/anxious come Sunday evening in anticipation of the next wine.woot. It’s like “Ok, what is it? Tell me. Tell me. What is it? What’s it gonna be?..” from about 3pm on. When Im at the computer, which I always am as I try to finish up my law school career, I refresh the comments page looking for new clues/guesses about every 3-5 minutes. This is bad. Ive only been a wine.wooter since the first of the year and am completely obsessed, or at least that’s what my fiancee keeps saying.


Yep, you gots the winejones. Welcome to the club.

Welcome to the club! Being an east coaster, I can tell you this is not very conducive to getting a good night’s sleep to start the work week.

Oh yes, Im aware. Im in DC. I check in on tacky.woot also, and that fake wootoff last week screwed my whole week up.

what’s the address for tacky.woot?


Great cheese, great value, great wooting, makes great gourmet pizza, grilled cheese, quesadillas and any other cheese dish you prefer.

You will be amazed at how well the Tulare Cannonball edam will make your next meal amazing or next wine and cheese tasting the best experience ever! Will you will love our handcrafted cheese.

As I said Tuesday before the cheese went up, I’m in for one. I had to buy my wife new living room furniture, THEN ask if I could order a cheese cannonball.

Another brat update, the weather finally turned springlike here in southern WI. In the last two days I grilled 2 dozen Johnsonvilles. No, I didn’t eat them all. Yes, I did want to.

I’m still torn about the cheese.

First, I don’t have food in the house at all ever. So I don’t know what I would do with it. “It’s so big”, she said.

Second is as much trouble as I have with UPS and actually getting the thing. I normally have to make a special trip to the UPS distribution center for the wine. I always enjoy the intellectually stimulating social interaction there.

I have not missed a wine woot since I joined. But this isn’t wine. And does anyone really care about such records?

I can go to Central Market and get all kinds of cheeses in small sizes if I want.

Someone sell me on this in the next 2.5 hours.

2 dozen Johnsonvilles in 2 days is a bit much. Even if you have 2 for breakfast each day.

You’re funny.

Ok. I’m going for one. I hope it arrives allright (and quickly). I should expect the cheese before Friday ? I am leaving to Europe on the 22nd, so I need to receive it and eat it by then.

You BETTER come to NoVA/DC #4 on 5/31. Trust me, you’ll love it. Conveniently located off the orange line.

Being a good 25%Dutchman, I went in for one. I’m planning on having some along with my Edam from the market in Amersfoort that I got vacuum sealed and smuggled back into the US in August :slight_smile:

Petite Sirah and Viognier in the same week would break me. I’d have to do 3 with this ID and 3 with my other ID.

Who needs to make a stinkin’ house payment, anyway? I’ll have my tax rebate before they foreclose!

WD – this is a hint :slight_smile: There’s plenty of demand…

What does someone have to do to get cheese around here?

Obviously having a woot account and CC is not enough. Tried twice and still getting error with “Your order is not in”. Waiting for woot service to clarify this one.
(Which I know they are great, I saw how they handled the April 1st BOC fiasco)

I grilled that many, I didn’t eat that many. I only had 3; 2 last night and one tonight. We had guests.

I definitely would, but immediately after graduation on the 18th, I have to fly back to Texas for my bar prep classes which start on the 19th. Plus I wouldnt know what to do at the tasting, Im a total newb when it comes to wine(although with an addictive/obsessive personality when it comes to hobbies). I must say that a fair amount of credit/blame for my current wine craze goes to you. First I read a couple of your blogs, and tried a couple of petite sirahs. Then, you posted a link to WLTV back when he was doing the whole “What are you going to do to save wltv?” thing. I’d never heard of GV before that, and now Ive watched over 50 episodes, and have around 40 bottles in my collection. So, thanks!