Bray Vineyards Tempranillo - 4 Pack

Bray Vineyards Tempranillo - 4 Pack
$44.99 + $7.00 shipping
PRODUCT: 4 2007 Tempranillo
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That CT link again

0700 central time, 2 comments and almost sold out. what is going on???

It’s early on the east coast and I just realized after I purchased 2 (it’s Tempranillo after all!) that this is a woot-off day PLUS it seems to be a Tempranillo woot off so if this trend continues today I’ll be broke.

OK, a wine.woot ONLY woot-off?

Maybe a Wine.Woot BOC? That would be epic awesome.

I like Tempranillo, but I loaded up on the Truchard awhile back. It will be a couple years to get through it all so I was wondering, how does Tempranillo age?

I’ve seen a lot of different markers around the wines, black tie, a woot launch offering, but never a monkey dressed as this one is. What does it mean I wonder? O_o

I have a feeling that this may be a wallet draining day. Bought the case of Truchard Temp and it’s almost gone. When I was out in OR, I stopped in at Lange and bought a bottle of their Temp…my first experience w/Temp. Too bad I missed the earlier offer. Waiting to see what else pops up today. Have to add to my 300+ stash!!

There was a link on the TAPAS Facebook about the icon for today. September 1 is International Tepranillo Day ( and this little guy is a Spanish monkey created in honor of the day!

Check out the audio from the first item today - looks like all Tempranillo wootoff day in anticipation of national Tempranillo day in a few weeks.

What a great idea - would love a mixed case option (hint/hint). Can’t wait for national Cab day…

What is Tempranillo like? I have never had the pleasure…not that it’s likely any of these are going to ship to MD.

You may all want to laugh hard and loud at me (go ahead, becaues I can’t hear you), but I have never had a Tempranillo! Someone tell me about it. What can I expect if I purchase one of these wines?

Wikipedia has a nice article about the Tempranillo grape here. The most interesting thing to me is that this is a major grape used for Port! I love Port! Hmmm…

Some think Mourvedre will be the next big thing. My feeling is that it’s going to be Tempranillo!


Thank you! That was an interesting article, and it would seem that Tempranillo is a very diverse varietal!
Would it be safe to assume, then, based on the “Sugar: 26” in the description, that this particular Tempranillo is sweet rather than acidic?

Blowing through my Twisted Oak case from a couple of weeks back, which included some nice Tempranillo. The Bray looks like an everyday drinker… here is the Wine Enthusiast review… the texture part is what tempts me.

Rated 83 with an $18 retail value (so a nice discount)…"A soft, easy red wine. Shows appealing cherry and raspberry flavors, with a silky texture. Drink now.

I’d love to try a Tempranillo but I’ve never really heard of these wineries. Guess I gotta buy them all ; )