Break-Resistant Wine Glasses, Set of 4

Break-Resistant Wine Glasses, Set of 4
$12.99 (Normally $24.00) 46% off List Price
(4) Clear Acrylic 8oz White Wine Glass


I’d almost replace my white wine glasses, but i need a few more to break. If this comes up next year, i’ll be in probably

Btw that wootoff was pretty bad

Break-Resistant Wine Glasses

Is this some kind of challenge?

Yea, if it were better I would have bundled these in but no purchases for me this time. Woot is not taking my cash these days.

Meh. I have enough wine glasses so as not to care if one breaks. I could, however, use some spill-resistant glasses if you have any.

Looking forward to these. They’re very condusive to my violent hand gestures.

As classy as you’d expect from Woot.

  1. These look like they have a nice, thick lip which I find rather unpleasant and characteristic of cheap, poorly designed wine glasses.

  2. The design in general is quite ugly.

  3. A 1-oz. pour line? Really? How functional! Because it’s so important that I never pour more than exactly one ounce of wine per guest. Especially the ones who are counting calories.

If these were about a buck each, then why the heck not. But for $3.25 plus shipping, I’d say just go to Marshalls or Target and buy something similarly crappy for less.

I can’t help but think about this great scene from uncle buck. Follow in his footsteps and the same will probably happen to you.

Acrylic Glasses? That has to be an oxymoron, which is how I’d feel buying these. :slight_smile:

i am it is easy to break… i has bought many wine glasses before but all easy to break when i wash them …

I actually think I’m gonna be in for 1…

I have a (very) young son, who I’m sure is gonna want to drink outta the fancy cups like mom and dad at dinner.

You’d better be sure that I’m not going to give the nice crystal to the kidlet to break and cut himself on.

I like these much better (Similar cost)

This should be offered on home woot instead. Please stick to wine…please.

That’s funny!

I had to go in for two. I visited a friend with a cabin in the woods and there were some casualties (with wine loss!!) down at the dock. :frowning:

I got some similar looking glasses at Target that we use on the deck. They hold up well and come out of the dishwasher looking great, they don’t get cloudy like super-cheap plastic glasses will. I think they were $2.50 or $3/ea.

I looked to get some more but unfortunately Target is now carrying much flimsier glasses for about the same price.

I may get these but only if there is something else on Woot today that I want to spread the shipping. I don’t need more than 4 and at $18 these aren’t a bargain.

Break resistant? No… I want glasses that will shatter when I throw them against the fireplace hearth… not ones which will bounce back at me! That’s entirely unromantic.

It’s Thursday! a.k.a the day wine.woot sells wine accessories or gourmet food.