Break-Resistant Wine Glasses, Set of 4

We have been asking for GoVino glasses for months. These are not those, and are not a suitable substitute.


Did you see those batteries/chargers on Tech? I just bought 3 for Christmas presents.

I see hella bubbles in the stems and joints. Are these really “break resistant”?

If you can resist breaking them.

Maybe they’re artistic bubbles.

So, they are white wine glasses with red wine in them?

They probably just had some extra Cliff Climber pouches laying around.

My first glance at Wine Woot and I thought “Oh look Wine Woot is selling wine by the glass now.”

Man, it has been a long week.

Shouldn’t this say “Four Plastic Wine Glasses”?


I got similar glasses to these for my step-mom for outside and we’ve used them once on the boat. I like this type ok for outdoor - it is better than a Solo cup for sure. I’m looking for the GoVino now especially for the boat, as stemless is a much better option there. Still regretting giving away my first GoVino purchase as gifts.

Yes, those look sweet. Thanks.

Great, now when Enrico Caruso comes over to my house to sing, I don’t have to worry about my glasses shattering!

Here, this will get you through the rest of the week.

Yesterday i received and opened a bottle of 2010 Raised by Wolves Malbec. Nicely done for a Washington Malbec. Thoughts?

Hope these are more robust than the (for me) broken web site.
Never have been a flash fan.

govino on invino 10.95 for a 4 pack

Since there are now 1 million flavors of woot…including home…am I the only one sad at how many of the offers are not wine? I understood/tolerated it when it was just and wine.woot for this stuff, but now it seems ridiculous.

And yes, that was a horrible woot-off. Part of the reason was that so many of the items weren’t wine.


with $17 shipping for the invino govino

Heres to the finer things… clack.