I think doing the Robot would be a more obvious choice.

I have no words.

A stark contrast to this shirt having many.

That little robot looks like it needs some help.

Alex’s next shirt: the electric boogaloo?

If I were a millionaire…

I would buy this shirt.


this shirt is goddamned awesome. i had to say it.

Should you wear this shirt if you can’t breakdance?

This robot looks more like he’s having a seizure than breakdancing.

So these can have words, but Derby entries cannot? Confusion abounds.

Awesome shirt but that yellow looks no good on me.

I like this shirt so much. Just not sure if I’d wear it.

I am heartily unimpressed, from the ludicrous size of the text to the… no, I think the ludicrous text size is enough.

My thoughts exactly…

For some reason, this looks like a strange attempt at a threadless typetee to me.

…This shirt offends me as a B-boy.
Robotting has NOTHING to do with b-boying.
ROBOTS can’t b-boy anyway, they have no ‘soul’ no groove for the music. You can’t be a B-boy without that.
Doing moves without feeling is NOT breakdancing.

I don’t see how this type of shirt is worth-while. I’m not trying to be mean, but I could draw something like this and I can’t, CAN NOT, draw. Yes, I’d have to come up with the idea first, but this doesn’t seem like much of an idea.

Pulled this one out of the bottom of the barrel eh?

Ohh…maybe the woot staff will recover someday from the low quality shirt selection we have going on here lately.

Where has all the creativity gone designers?

If I were a robot, I’d probably experiment with hand drawn fonts. You know, to feel more human… maybe.

I agree completely