Breakfast for WHAT?!

Mmmm Bacon!

Everyone knows this. Or should!

Or for a post midnight snack ; ) Score another for shirtwoot! induced cravings.

I can’t shake the feeling that those eggs are ogling me.

It’s all about the bacon.

This makes me laugh.

Thanks, I needed that.

I just realized it took me a little over 5 years to place 1st in a derby.Thanks to everybody who voted for this design.

looks a little like a wacky upside down face for an upside down concept

Perfect timing. I made myself fried eggs and bacon for dinner tonight.

I wish shirt.woot went up to 5x. Would love this shirt.

What?! No pancakes?! FAIL!

Matching shirts for Ron and Leslie. :^)

Congrats on your 1st place, odysseyroc!

I would wear this shirt with pride, but as a tall man, I know this would go into my pile of Woot-belly-shirts, never to return. Can we lengthy folks get some long/tall love?

We call this “Brinner” in my family. And we do it at least once a month.

I 2nd this.

WOOT – offer larger men’s sizing and I’ll be able to buy my boyfriend a ton of shirts, too.

Awesome design.

Missed opportunity: Turn the plate 180 degrees and have it be a smiley face.


Mmmm bacon and eggs. The breakfast of champions!

Ahh, now when my husband asks me what’s for dinner, I will just put on this shirt. Hopefully he won’t ask every day.