Breakfast in Bed

regarding the jiti pillows–anyone tried one? i am a little concerned about 95% feather and only 5% down.

Looks like you pay a fifty dollar premium for the color red on the 13 cup food processor.

link for Remote (not included
) the three candle set is not working

I bought this toaster the last time it went up on Woot! This is the fastest toaster in the East (or the West, for that matter). By the time I walk all the way over to fridge to get out the butter, or jelly (or both!) and grab a knife (or spoon) from the drawer, the bread has turned a golden brown and popped up!

This toaster is FAST and toast even. Do have to turn the nob to cancel to end the cycle, a lot of review cry about that but unless you are lazy it shouldn’t be a problem. Mine arrived NIB, but the bagel setting was broke and it burned everything. Waring took care of it ASAP, faster than contacting Woot.