Breathable Stretch Gaiter Face Mask (2-Pack)

got 12 off Amazon for 5 bucks with free shipping with prime!

Overpriced here!

I ordered mine on Wednesday, June 17, 2020. Estimated delivery date: Monday, July 6, 2020. We might have a vaccine before I get my masks.


This mask has little to no value as an anti-COVID-19 mask. To be effective it should be multiple layers, preferable of tighter weave cotton.

Straight spandex does little to block your breath, and hence if you have the virus, you’ll still be spreading it all around.


So you guys ever gonna ship these things or what?


If social distancing works, why the need for masks?

If masks work, why the need for social distancing?


RIGHT?! I say the same thing about other “safety-shcmafty” things.

If seat belts work, why the need for air bags?
If air bags work, why the need for seat belts?!


Think of it like a store if you can stack coupons on an already good price why wouldn’t you?

1% odds of infection become
.13% with masks used which become
.04% with social distancing

yeah the 1% odds aren’t too bad for a potentially deadly virus, but are masks and social distancing either?


The more protection you have against infecting others the better. And you can’t always social distance, especially in stores. Wear a mask, hope that others do, as well, and do your best to be a responsible citizen.


Nice, I was coming to make the exact same seat belts analogy

Hello. That’s worst case scenario but we also have a holiday this week which could slow things down.

I told my husband that this looked like something someone would wear to rob a bank.

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Absolute worst shipping ever… Can we please stop using "SmartPost?’ I ordered on June 17th and still haven’t received these, even though the local Post Office claims that they delivered it last night. I called them this morning, and they say that it got put on the wrong truck, and it’s coming today. I have literally received 10 Amazon orders and 1 other Woot order that were placed AFTER this one. 2 weeks for some cloth in a bag??? C’mon!


We also ordered on June 17. The last update we got was June 26 that said it had departed Mail Innovations in Carrollton for USPS.

Tracking appears to no longer be available.

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Finally got mine yesterday. They appear to be slightly smaller and thinner than the ones I got from Amazon.

Ordered June 29th expected delivery July 20th!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Come on man!

That’s worst case scenario. It will likely arrive before that.

These also have significant filter. Note: protects from “dust”. I’d suggest getting one with a filter pocket. I bought a pair for not much more with a pocket and 10 filters from Amazon.

Where are you? Mt Carroll? East Dubuque? Dubuque? As far as Elizabeth?

@originalamber skipped right over Galena where the positive COVID rate is currently .8%

I knew I was forgetting a city. Mt Carroll is too far south and not on the river. Galena, however, I have stayed at Chestnut, shopped in downtown, coached on a field in town, and marched through downtown Galena with my athletes. Of course I have eaten at USG’s hq and his home.