Breathable Stretch Gaiter Face Mask (3-Pack)

Breathable Stretch Gaiter Face Mask (3-Pack)

I was all in on neck gaiters during covid, but it’s important to note that they’ve been determined not only ineffective but actually WORSE THAN NOT WEARING A MASK. It’s the breathability / stretch factor (that is apparently worth advertising in the headline???)

The high droplet count observed in the study could be linked to the porous fabric of the neck gaiter that was tested breaking up bigger particles into many little ones that are more likely to hang around in the air longer, Fischer said in the video. This effect makes wearing some gaiters possibly “counterproductive,” he added.

“It’s not the case that any mask is better than nothing,” he said. “There are some masks that actually hurt rather than do good.”

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Follow up New York Times article stating that testing and report about gaiter masks misconstrued and over exaggerated.
In addition!!! They can be folded to serve as a 2 ply cover !!!