Breez Fans

Bought 2 of the lighted ones and 1 just with a fan 6 months to a year ago. I only have one hooked up and its been pretty good for the last 6 months(if that) ive ran it but the light just went out…

Normally light going out isnt a big deal but these require a special type of bulb that isnt sold everywhere so potential buyers should be aware of it requiring a special type of bulb.

overall im happy and the fan is super quiet and i sometimes have to check the green led to make sure its on its so quiet.

How difficult was it to install? Did you have to change the opening of your previous fan? Or was it pretty much plug-n-play?

The install wasnt to bad and from what i recall it was pretty plug in play. I believe the exact specs are online on what size hole you need for this so you can measure the hole for the current fan you have. Hardest part for me was being in the attic while my helper was down stairs holding the fan up and having to communicate.