Breitling Watches for Bright Young Men

It’s the end of the year, everyone’s being reflective and thinking about time. We’ve got watches on both end of the spectrum lurking in Woot Plus, so what do you think of these?

I’ll take 1 of each!

Last time Breitlings were offered they sold out real quick, so if you’re interested, you might want to jump on one. (and hey, it’s a quality watch, so if you jump on one, it probably won’t hurt it.)

Who the hell is buying $4000 dollar watches from a deal of the day site? That is an impressive impulse buy.

Man, that white Datora is calling me…one of my favorite Breitlings!

Wife just yelled at me for even suggesting it.

People looking to save some money? It’s no different than ordering from a site online, especially since the watch is coming from Amazon.

I probably wouldn’t. But if a Panerai came up for cheaper than what I paid for mine in store then maybe I would.

I’ll second that.

Back to Breitling listed here, the SuperOcean for 2.1k on that bracelet is worth it. Try go and ask Breitling service centre. The bracelet alone is upwards 500 bucks. Some quoting as high as 700 bucks for the bracelet only.

i am tempted…but still not biting. if you can pull an omega or rolex with that discount i will def pull the trigger. :wink:

Come on… That SuperOcean is really a good deal :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I don’t think it will happen for the 2 brands you mentioned, especially when the manufacturer is prohibiting such amount of discount in the first place.

1 of each…That’s $40,800 before taxes & shipping, but you will save $45 on shipping and $38,325 from the list price. LOL!

That’s a brand new 3 series BMW…

One sold out already…wow. People must buy them sell them on ebay or something

I think if I pulled up my sleeve with a watch like this on my wrist to give a “nice” young man the time these days, I would stand a good chance of having that nice young man pull out his not so nice little weapon and take my Great Looking Watch. I think I’ll stick with my Timex and keep my own Ticker Kicking!!

Unless it says Rolex, most people don’t know a nice watch from a Timex or Pulsar.

Out of the leftover ones, I think the blue dialled Chronomat with subdials at 3-6-9 o’clock positions is not a bad deal at all :slight_smile: It is not a simple 7753 movement. This one I think may come with Breitling’s in house modifications.

The rests are just Caliber 13, that is ETA based 7750 movement with COSC certifications and considered top grade 7750.

I know nothing about watches and I saw the link on the main page and thought, “OH! My dad wanted to get a watch for my brother, maybe there will be one in here!”

There definitely ARE watches on this page but they are much more than my dad is looking to spend (I don’t know his budget but I’m guessing something closer to $100 than $5000).

If you are looking for a good watch that is a budget of a couple hundred. Citizen, Seiko and Bulova are good. I just picked up this Link Bulova up just because it looked nice, and it has been great so far and an awesome watch no doubt.

I doubt it’s that much of an impulse buy. If the people buying are anything like me, they’ve been eyeing these pieces for quite some time; it just so happens that they happened to pop up here today.

Yup just picked up the super avenger. This wasn’t an impulse buy, went to the breitling authorized store over the weekend. They wouldn’t go lower than $4,400. So I know this was a great buy.

I apologizing for being the bummer in the group but how can we be certain these Breitling’s are genuine? Breitling themselves warn over and over about purchasing fake watches from disreputable sources can we get some info about this?