Breo Skin Watch

Wow. If only they were attractive…

where are the flashing lights???

Are these waterproof? Looks like it would be perfect for waterparks.

Seems I saw this before…


Water Resistance Depth: 10m

Water Resistance Depth: 10m

Skin Watch!? Now if it was a skin lamp shade then I’d be in for 3.

Breo Webpage

I second that…

I order 2 of the five paacks when these were on woot! 2 weeks ago. All 10 watches don’t work already. Cheap beyond price…

Why would I want a watch that looks like a Band-Aid? Are you supposed to pick the one that matches your skin tone the closest?

If so, that white one would work great for emo or goth types.

I ordered 3 just for the tins :wink:

It’s like deja-vu.

these were just here two weeks ago… 5 randoms for $8… hmm. boo.

Even so, I have to say I think these are way better looking than the other Breo watches I just saw on Amazon.

This is the purple tin I like.

Wait… Skin Watch?

It puts the lotion on!

Shipping is combined on Woot right? $3 plus $15 shipping kills it :confused:

These are grate (mind you, not grātē), I’m in for 0! :slight_smile: