Bresser Telescopes & Microscopes

Amazon has better pricing on many of these telescopes. $100 less for the ar102…

This is a really good telescope, but $100 cheaper on Amazon and free shipping.

No knowledge about microscopes. There is a student microscope on for $49.98. Can anyone help as to which one is better?

Anyone know anything about this one? Bresser 80mm EQ AR Drive Cassini Bresser Telescope - FLSC80-00. I tried google but didn’t seem to get much information.

The large AR-102 white telescope for sale here on WOOT for $599 is available on Amazon for $499, but on Amazon it is WITHOUT the mount/tripod. With the tripod/mount, on Amazon, appears to be $699.

Correct. Ours has the mount.

What you should be comparing the AR-102 price with is this:
or this:

It’s a decent air-spaced doublet refractor by “Explore Scientific”
so give them credit.

This is one of the worst Woot deals…actually costs more than other sites selling the same scope.

I ordered the microscope kit, but got a telescope in the mail! Now Woot support says they don’t have any more microscopes in stock, but they are still for sale, so they must be in stock. A big fail for Woot!

I also got a telescope. Can’t say I’m disappointed.