Breville BJE510XL the Juice Fountain Multi-Speed Silver

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Breville BJE510XL the Juice Fountain Multi-Speed Silver
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4.8 Stars over at Bed Bath & Beyond

I have one of these things, the exact model. I bought it refurbed off Amazon a while back for $115 - so the price here is a good deal if you’re on the market for one. Works like a champ, I’ve used it every other day for about 5 months and haven’t had any issues. As long as you clean it (like any juicer) I don’t expect this to ever be a purchase I regret. Let me know if you have any specific questions and I can answer from my limited experience w/it. -Calvin

Hi Calvin,

Do you have any opinion as to how the Breville compares to other “professional” juicers such as the Omega, Hurom or other Breville models? Thanks.


I bought one of these for my wife and she used it usually at least twice a day for several months. She was dutiful about cleaning it and the only issue was some things she juiced would cause the plastic parts to cloud up, but functionally it kept on running like a champ. She’s still using it some 4 years later, although not nearly as heavily.

We’ve had this model for a couple of years and have not had an issue. Since this is the only juicer we’ve owned, I can’t compare to other models. The dial speed is handy, so it can go very low for juicing grapes and high for apples.

… It’s important to clean up immediately afterwards, which is much easier than after leaving in the sink for 1/2 a day…and get a bottle brush for the spout.

Other than that, I wish the clear plastic was stainless. I dropped it while drying it a few months back and it chipped, but it still works so I haven’t replaced it.