Breville Café Modena Espresso Machine

Didn’t we already see this today?

Oh yey. Another coffee machine.

Does this come with refurbished coffee grinds too?

Hey, this was on here earlier…

You already did this thing. You’re not fooling anyone with this thing. I want a different thing. Where are the things?

sweet, i guess they only had one of those Lenovos

It’s frowning at me…

No. They are too cheap to send refurbished coffee grinds.

Kind of a theme? Double posts and 2 fer Tuesday. (one at a time)

Decent reviews on Amazon. Retails for $117 there…

Where’s the box of random stuff? I’d like some random in my life. I feel cheated.

Been there and done dat with these machines. Cleanup (esp the frother) takes too long and the novelty wears off pretty quickly. However, they make great gifts for folks who are not yet aware of what a pain these machines are.

I am pretty sure I just entered a time warp. This was the espresso machine that was on here this morning.

I think woot is being wonky time for me to sleep

Decent reviews on Amazon. Retails for $117 there…

the last few woot-off’s have been 2 days, they aren’t going to make this one short, when it’s just over 3 weeks till Christmas. I’ll go to bed, and 10 minutes later, my 32" combo hdtv/dvd will come on

Once you see it, you cannot unsee it…

Up Next: Another big let down.

Why oh why isn’t working?! Sad face. I wish there was a good woot-off checker that worked consistently AND had an auto-buy on BOC.

This espresso machine is clearly sad at being jostled out of bed at 12:30 for this.