Breville Citrus Press

orange juse

-------=WOOTOFF QUESTION=------- Which Brand Is Better?

a.) Intel
b.) AMD

I’ll stick with the 99 cent one from Walmart.

I like juice…but not that much.


Damn, could furnish a whole kitchen in this wootoff

i got strong hands i can squeeze and orange or tropicana


Mmmm, juicy

refurb??? really???


Refurbished Citrus Press? Huh? Refurbished? Seriously?

Description looks like it’s for a BBQ set?

Who wants a refurbished juicer?

Woo hoo a juicer…

I’ve got $500 that is just burning a hole in my pocket and it’s like Woot doesn’t even want it!

Did I miss the memo, is this

An overpriced juicer to go with the overpriced mandolin. Wow. Im underwhelmed.

hah! i use my forehead