Breville Compact Smart Oven



Very good reviews over at amazon.


I have the full-size Smart Oven, and it is an amazing tool. However, I’d think twice about the compact because it lacks a convection fan. If you’re doing mostly toasting and just a little baking, this will be great. If you want exceptional baking, go for the full-size.


We’ve had this for a couple of years now.
I don’t really understand it… the toast that comes out of this oven is simply incomparable. “It’s just toast” you might say. Yeah, that’s what I thought. We bought it for reheating pizza, broiling sausages, and stuff like that (which it doers fantastically, btw) but the toast, wow! Bagels too.

Oh, my wife even uses it for baking when making multi-tiered cakes and the main oven is doing the big layer. Very stable temps, and we didn’t really need convection on this one since we have it on the main one. Plus, this one is a good bit smaller.

Only cons are that the knobs feel a bit flimsy, but they work fine. And be careful when closing the door to bring it all the way up yourself since it sounds scary to just let it go and self-slam shut even if only a wee bit away from being closed.


I bought the larger version of this when Woot sold it a few months ago and it’s pretty amazing. I’m pretty happy with the pizzas I make… the crust doesn’t char like it does in my regular oven with the awesome pizza stone Woot sold a year ago, but other than that it’s perfect. Breville makes awesome stuff.


Amazing item and great price. Breville’s products are made solid and this is no exception. The larger smart oven gets all the attention, but honestly you can’t go wrong here. Big enough for a fryer chicken, a pizza or some cookies. It’s kinda perfect.


I’m thinking out loud here, but I wonder if that might not be a big issue since the oven space is smaller. The full-size Smart Oven’s space is huge to facilitate the airflow, but this just doesn’t have all that dead space.

I’ve used the convection fan all of once… it shaved a minute or two off the pizza time, no difference otherwise.


I got the larger one from Woot a few months ago too - we absolutely love it!
Great product!!


I have one of the larger models and it is fantastic. I wish I had the full size (only because when you open the door it automatically pulls out the tray).

I have owned my condo for a year, and yesterday my roommate had to show me how to turn the oven on because I have only used it once. With this Breville by my side I have needed my oven twice in an entire year. If it fits in the Breville there is no reason to use the full size oven.


Looks good, but how hot does the door handle get?


The earlier comment about toast is absolutely correct. We have the larger version of this oven, and the toast it makes is remarkable.

Now, if somebody told me that before we had the thing, I’d say something like, “How in the hell can toast be remarkable? Toast is toast.” That’s what I used to think, so if you’re dubious about such a claim, I can certainly understand it.

But it’s true anyway. Toast and PB, I eat more of it than I ever used to, and it’s all the fault if the dang Breville toaster oven. Really, no kidding.


Here’s a better amazon link with an active listing:

Amazon is selling it new for 179.95
Woot: $90
used: 155
New: 170


My Mom has this exact oven and I agree about the toast! I toasted my bagel in it every morning while I was visiting and it was perfect. It also made the most perfect cheese bread ever, and perfectly done pop-n-fresh biscuits. I am seriously considering this (probably will sell out while I’m mulling it over) but our current toaster oven is fairly new and works just fine. Hard to justify it.


Not an issue at all on the one we have, but it’s the larger one. I assume the handles are pretty much the same, but I really don’t know.

I was also kinda nervous about how hot the outside metal shell gets… can you put other things near it without worrying about them melting?, etc. That hasn’t been a problem either. I make sure there’s a couple inches of space next to it, and the items nearby don’t even get very warm.


Plus it’s the only thing that’s ever toasted my hamburger rolls and hot dog buns right. Everything else… patchy. The Smart Oven… one golden brown from edge to edge.


So…we don’t have air conditioning, and in the hot, humid summers I hate to fire up the oven. Would this be the answer, or would the larger model be more serviceable?


I enthusiastically recommend the Breville toaster ovens!

I bought the largest version about six weeks ago and it makes truly unbelievable toast, the best toasted bagels I’ve ever eaten, crispy, flakey breakfast pastries, etc.

Breville has some sort of secret (or group of secrets) that other manufacturers are in the dark about–or don’t give a fig about emulating Breville’s performance.


where is this oven made?


Think about what you’d use it for. The bigger one can replace your std. oven for use with more stuff. But nobody else here knows what you’re likely to try to put in it.


Comparing the dimensions of the Breville full size and compact ovens, there is little difference in the size, and the wattage is the same. Is the convection feature the big selling point for the full sized oven? Is it worth the extra moola?

For the price, this oven seems like a great deal.