Breville Espresso Machines - Your Choice

$549 for the Breville RM-BES870XL Barista Express at Amazon (new) with very solid reviews (1100+). For a refurb, not a bad Woot at all.

BB&B has 4.5 Stars on the Oracle

Good price on the oracle. I’ve had my dual boiler refurb for 4 years. No issues. Wish I had $1300 :confused:

Seattle Coffee Gear’s video review of the Oracle:

The Barista Express Espresso Machine was $300 on Woot back in June of 2014…!

I’ve never seen an Oracle for less than $2000. Crazy expensive. They are all solid machines. I currently have the Barista Express which I bought used off Craigslist really cheap. I can’t imagine the Oracle being much better than it.
I had an earlier Breville espresso machine and used it pretty much every single day for about a decade before one of the plastic pieces inside broke. Unfortunately they wanted $250 to repair it even though I could see it was a simple plastic piece that broke. They wouldn’t sell me the part.
Still, hard to complain about a decade of reliable daily use that I bought refurbished off woot. Good enough that I bought Breville again.
My advice is buy the Barista Express because the pressure gauge is invaluable. You need it to determine how fine to set the grind and get used to a consistent pressure when packing it. Then consistently brew in the grey zone.
Oracle is ideal and not as bad as $2000 new, but the other is just as good with finesse and a lot cheaper.

Yeah, I got mine here at $300 back then. Annoying the price is not only higher nowadays but this deal is another $10 more than recent!

OK I just looked back, it was only 8 years ago when I bought my Breville espresso machine. It was $150 way back then. Also bought a Sansa MP3 player around that time too. The Breville lasted a lot longer!
The Oracle is tempting but just too much money to upgrade.

is there a warranty on the Breville Duo-Temp Pro

Yes the Shipping Notes and Warranty Info applies to all 3 models.

One of my best Woot buys.

Bought an 800ESXL that was new (closeout as they have discontinued that model) here for $180 back in 2009. No problems with it and makes an awesome espresso. I keep watching the various Breville sales on here and been tempted to pull the trigger just to put one on the shelf in case current one dies.

You can purchase parts for Breville espresso machines at They’re one of the etailers that I buy my parts from when I repair our stuff.

You can find some parts on the web but maybe not a plastic tube. Still it lived a full life. :slight_smile:

A site that sells parts:

I also pulled the trigger back in '014 for the Barista Express. We pull a minimum of 4 doubles a day during the week and 7 - 8 on the weekend. The first machine developed a problem during the warranty period. (The pump cycled between high and low pressure.) The Breville folks tried to resolve the problem, couldn’t, and shipped a replacement machine fairly promptly, and that machine has been flawless ever since.

We’ve had more than a few espresso machines over the years, ranging from a La Pavoni Europiccola to a Salvatore semi-pro, with a bunch in between, and the Breville has been the best of the bunch.* I can’t recommend it enough.

** The Salvatore Famosa is capable of making better espresso, but it requires constant tinkering.*

I see the price of Espresso Machines has gone up…WOW…

Go up on Ebay and buy some fresh KONA beans for these…

Best price…Gold Star Coffee out of Canada…Great prices…

I love my Barista Express. Would highly recommend to anyone!