Breville Ikon Die-Cast Indoor BBQ, Grill & Panini Press

1 Breville Ikon Die-Cast Indoor BBQ, Grill & Panini Press

$89.99 + $5 shipping

condition: New

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New Breville Ikon Die-Cast Indoor BBQ, Grill & Panini Press, for $89.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Breville Ikon Die-Cast BBQ, Grill & Panini Press - 800GRXL

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$180 at amazon and some good reviews. looks like a solid woot

I am assuming that since it has electric heating elements it pulls a lot of juice. It would be cool to take this tailgating but if a normal12 volt power converter can’t handle it, then I would have to pass.

we wants the titainum infused Quantanium in pill form

I work at Williams-Sonoma, and we sell a larger version of this for $250. People love 'em, and Breville makes a solid, well working product. Well worth the $90!

1500 watts. You’d have to get one of those inverters that hooks directly to the battery, AND keep your vehicle running… :slight_smile:

I have this thing called a “stove” thing in my kitchen…

It says 184 sq-inch here but 368 sq-inch on Amazon (while saying 184 per plate). The product image looks the same, so I’ll assume it’s the same machine.

I’m wondering if anyone knows whether there are options to set the temperature of the top vs bottom plates separately. (or have only 1 on)

If the dimensions on Amazon are correct, this thing is monstrously HUGE!

19x15x6, and possibly 24 pounds!

A Griddler GR-4 Measures 13x11x6, and seems to be about 14 lbs according to Amazon.

I’m in the market for a GR-4, waiting for a decent Black Friday deal. Anyone know how this Breville compares? Besides being a completely different weight class?

Thought about getting one, but after reading the Amazon reviews, I think I’ll skip this one. Bubbling non-stick coating? No thanks.

EEt cooks beeger beefallow.

I have one and its not too bad. Certainly does its job, but won’t replace your charcoal grill. Thing is pretty damn big though. I can fit four New York Steaks on it.

So you would be the perfect person to answer my question, can you open this so that the upper grill is laying flat and facing upwards? Other than saying you could cook a steak AND eggs, it doesn’t specifically show or mention that ability.

Anyone know if the plates come off for cleaning?

in for 3, good cheap gift.

The text does say that the unit opens up flat.

This IS the one Williams Sonoma sells for $250:

Good reviews at the link.

from text
184 square inch professional-grade cooking plates cast from aluminum coated with titainum infused Quantanium to resist scratching and wear
When opened up, the grill extendeds to a 368 square inch indoor BBQ featuring both ribbed and flat plates

coppied from amazon reveiwsclick here for Amazon link
I am impressed with the Breville quality and inclined to purchase the brand in the future. An extremey well made grill. Easy to clean. Easy to use.
** I regret that the plates are not reversible, and that with this grill you are always limited to one side a grill, one side a flat griddle. Good thing it is so large. **
But if the plates were reversible, this thing would really deliver the goods. As it is, excellent quality, good looks, good performance (fast!), and feels like it will last me years.
Better plan on giving it counter space, this thing is heavy - too much to be lugging in and out of cupboards for as often as you’ll want to us it.
and someone ask if plates come off to wash they turn around to ribbed or flat so your tell me