Breville Ikon Diecast Blender

Is this the same one they had on last week for $159.00?


carp smoothie

someone stole my iphone and is going to blend it…please help!

wait, is there an iphone in that blender?

for all your blending needs…

I saw one of these last week for around $150, didn’t I? Still too much for a smoothie maker/margarita blender.

Something I actually want!! WOOT WOOP!

Come on, hurry up & buy it already…on to the next please :slight_smile:

Noooooo there’s more than one. Argh!!!

You’re not sure if your birthday is Thursday? I thought I was tired…

Note added. Thanks again! :smiley:

Nice nod to ‘will it blend’ with the ipod inside.

Woot, seriously? you redid will it blend because it was in ’ 's ?

My Blackberry Storm laughs in triumph at the demise of the iPhone. =)

Happy almost birhtday :slight_smile:

As I am a semi-functional alcoholic, this is actually rather appealing. I can’t really justify replacing my good ol’ 30-year-old Osterizer for 80 bucks, though.

Breville Ikon Diecast Blender
$79.99 + $5 shipping

1 Breville BBL600XL Ikon Diecast Blender

“Please blend your iPhone and post the video for our enjoyment.”

Probably a GEN1 … like the ones they will be selling at WalMart soon — or here at woot as a refurb …

do they always have bag of crap on woot offs or am i wasting my valuable sleep time?

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