Breville Ikon Diecast Blender Woot Info Post - we f5 so you don’t have to

Breville Ikon Diecast Blender [Recertified] - $79.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Breville BBL600XL Ikon Diecast Blender

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Great Product I have one and I love it.

Will it blend?

not chaff! BLEND! BLEND! BLEND!

But will it blend?

Here is a very gnarly Video Review from Popular Mechanics…

Hive mind.

i have a link to an apple iphone being blended as shown in the image by woot

hope it pleases the woot gods :smiley:

Diecast? So is it a MODEL of a blender or is it functional?

Also, will it blend?

Removable Blade for easy cleaning.

Rated decent, but far more pricey at parent site.

Also rated pretty well here, but still the best deal out there can be found right here at woot!

This product is a behemoth of blending beastliness. I bought one last year and cannot recommend it highly enough. Quiet enough, effective and like $300 cheaper than a Vita.

Bought one of these back in October 2009 when Woot had them during a woot off. One of the few refurb’s I’ve ever purchased. It’s an awesome blender. Definitely worth the $80 bucks.

Highly recommended.

How does it do with ice? The “Ninja” from all the late night infomercials boasts the ability to turn ice into snow.

Youtube’s Video review

I own this.

Love. Love. Love. Love . Love. Love.

Woot offered it for $10 cheaper a year ago.

60% off and still cheaper at Woot!

Bought this blender about a year ago on woot. Best Blender EVER! Crushes ice like nobody’s business. Makes great milkshakes and smoothies. Had a little problem with leakage but managed to get the seal in just right and tightened up so no more leaks. Picked one up at this price. Need one for the Mother In-Laws house when we visit.