Breville Ikon Diecast Blender

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Breville Ikon Diecast Blender
$59.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Recertified

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What does a condition of ‘re-certified’ mean?

i hope there’s only like 3 of these…

Recertified??? Is this a Lexus?


not first!


Woo Hoo…blend your diecasts.

Wait, an iPhone comes with the blender?? …hehe

This thing rocks, highly recommended. Had mine for a few months and I love it.

Im going to buy one just to blend my iphone :slight_smile:

ok woot. I’m just going to a status meeting. BRB. Don’t put the big old chile up until I get back, kthanxbye

Will it work with a Mac?

Maybe, rabbit… maybe…

It means that it was bought, had a problem, returned and the company fixed it to be as new. Or something like that.

I think.

Yes. It blends.

It blends an iPhone,
it blends a trombone,
it blends on the wall,
it blends in the hall,
it blends upside-up,
it blends rightside-down,

it blends with a nik-nak-paddy-whack,
but it won’t follow you home.

Please slow the Woots down!!!

I can’t think of a witty comment showcasing my wry wit fast enough!

Quite a while ago I bought one of these from Woot!. It’s amazing. It’s so powerful that when I make a smoothie, this blender singlehandedly dims the lights in my home. I love it.

go to youtube and search for “will it blend ipod”…you’ll see.

I swear I could be working great until I get the ring on my phone … Woot Off !!! Damn now I can’t get anything done!