Breville Ikon Hemisphere Blender

Hey guys, I have a quick question.

If through the course of the day I see 5 things I want to buy from the wootoff can I pay for shipping only once? Instead of a separate order for each 5 items?

Thanks much, Chris

Will it blend?

only half hour before sellout

These things get incredible reviews and they cost twice as much at other sites. It’s like a ‘will it blend’ blender but cheap.

I have some half-cones to blend. Will it blend these, or only hemispheres?

No,…I said blend?!

Holding out for a Blendtec.

It’s 1.5L

I’m debating… last weekend could have really used a blender to make tomato sauce - ended up using an immersion blender (from prior woot-offs) and made a huge mess… looks like a pig was slaughtered in my kitchen.

(note: not the blenders fault, I turned around to get the phone and lifted it out of the sauce while it was still running…)

Hemisphere Blender - does it spin the other way down under?

No, each item has it’s own separate shipping. It includes up to 3 of the same item.

Almost 11 pounds… This is a big blender… Or this is a refurb maybe you get leftover contents in it?!

I didn’t get the coupon either. Good thing I have my own version of Serendipity

I found it for $74 online, so not a great deal to get a refurb for 60.

Will it blend?

Common…somebody buy it…they probably only need to sell like 3 more until they switch to something cooler!

Yes, Amazon will send you a check in the mail, absolutely,I’m not lying,trust me, they are very understanding and reasonable people to deal with so buy, buy, bye ,bye, where’s the emergency chute?

I have one of these (that my son paid full retail price for) that gets used a lot. He got it for my wife and I because Consumer Reports essentially said "get this. It’s the closest thing to a Will It Blend? blender without paying the huge price of the Will It Blend? blender.

Great for mixing, blending, chopping, crushing ice, just about anything you can imagine.

At this price, I’m thinking that I’ll get a couple to have them on hand for wedding gifts.

Excellent blender…especially at this price!

I hope they offer a toaster during the woot-off. My toaster is dying.

How many quarts is it?