Breville Juice Fountains - 4 Styles

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Breville Juice Fountains - 4 Styles
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Elite is an awesome juicer. We own it (purchased new from Amazon) and love it. Woot refurb price is lower than used units on EBay most of the time.

Product Page/Reviews

We’ve had one for a few years and this is as good as a centrifugal juicer can get. Every piece was thoughtfully desgned. For example, the plug features a donut ring design (see Woot photo), making plugging and unplugging easier and safer. It also has fewer crevices than other models we looked into. That makes cleaning easier. The large chute and locking arm has been copied a lot, but Breville’s design seems seems better than others. Not having to cut mostfruits is an incredible time saver. Whether it’s the powerful motor or the blade, this juicer does seem to extract more juice, and at a faster rate, than other models. The resulting pulp is incredible dry. We use vegetable pulp to make soup and mix the fruit pulp into other foods, i.e. yogurt or oatmeal. The froth separator works reasonably well but we don’t mind froth.

We rarely use the slow speed because we generally puree soft fruits in the blender. We also prefer to juice citrus fruits in a traditional citrus juicer to avoid the bitterness of the pith and rind. And of course, soft leafy vegetables, i.e. spinach, are harder to juice centrifugally. All told, if you want a centrifugal juicer, the Breville is probably the best one available for home use. It beats other models in terms of durability, ease of cleaning, ease of use and most importantly, juice yield. In fact, I’ve even seen it in diners and other commercial places.

Lets check out all sorts of new recipes to try out and lets learn about the healing properties of juicing


time to check out the product pages for the JE98XL and the JE98XL

HINT: Clean immediately after juicing. If your fruits and vegetables aren’t oily, you need only run the pieces through a powerful stream of [very] hot water. The pulp will wash right off. Then scrub the blade/filter with the provided stiff brush. Water is fine but a bit of soap helps. And of course, lining the pulp basket with a bag means that you won’t have to clean that part. If you don’t plan on keeping the pulp, you can use a shopping bag. If you do plan on using it, use a clean baggie. All in all, cleaning shouldn’t take more than 10 mins.

If you’re in a rush, however, make sure to submerge every in water so that the pulp doesn’t dry. Then clean as soon as you can.

Don’t waste the pulp, guys. Because of this juicer’s superior efficiency, the pulp comes out incredibly dry. That makes it less appetizing than pulp from a weaker juicer. But you can easily use veggie pulp to make soup or stock, or as a thickener for sauces. And fruit pulp can be mixed into yogurt, oatmeal or jam for spreading. Many people also use it for baking. Apple pulp is supposedly a good replacement for fats.

While it’s true that virtually all the nutrients are in the juice, the insoluble fiber in pulp contains some micronutrients found in the skin. Resveratrol, for example, is highest in grape skin. In fact, most of the benefits of red wine comes from the grape skin.

Other suggestions:

  1. Putting the pulp in water for a day or so and then filtering it out can give you fruit-infused water. All natural and zero calories.

  2. Put the pulp in a drip coffeemaker and make instant veggie consomme. Or mix fruit pulp with tea leaves to make fruit teas.

FYI … if you like apple juice, centrifugal juicers like this Breville are the safest way to go. Blenders, especially the Vitamix, are worst – a fact that the Vitamix cult ignores. Also bad are masticating juicers, which chews and squeezes produce to extract the juice. Here’s why…

The seeds and pits of some fruits contain amygdalin, a compound that is converted into cyanide when metabolized. Cyanide is a favorite poison for murder because it acts quickly, depriving the blood of oxygen. The body can handle small amounts, especially if the seeds are intact. And that’s the advantage of centrifugal juicers. The seeds are flung away, remaining largely intact. That’s not so with masticating juicers which crush the veggie/fruit and its seeds. Worst are blenders, which pulverizes the seeds, releasing the amygdalin. In fact, the Vitamix’s power makes it especially bad since it “pre-digests” it for you, making it instantly available in the stomach. So if you do plan to masticate or pulverize apples, make sure to remove the seeds first (something Vitamix doesn’t tell you).

The fact that to have to cut apples into pieces and then seed them is another reason this Breville is a winner. You can simply drop small/medium whole apples down the chute and have juice in seconds. No prepping as you would with masticators or blenders.


Still waiting for masticating juicers.

In debates with the Vitamix cult, I’m often told that juicers waste the fiber that is in the pulp. While I’m against waste and encourage using the pulp (see previous post), the truth is that it doesn’t have much nutritional value. That’s why it goes from our mouth to our toilet intact.

But what about all this talk about fiber being good for our hearts, diabetes and cancer prevention? It’s absolutely true – BUT all those benefits are in the soluble fiber, which remains in the juice. The pulp contains insoluble fiber, which doesn’t dissolve in water. The stuff used for fiber therapy, such as psyllium in Metamucil, is soluble fiber. It’s what gives juice body and thickness, as compared to water. It’s also what prevents heart disease, cancer, etc. As for insoluble fiber, it’ only major benefits are that it’s filling, and may help digestion. But in excess, it causes gas and diarrhea.

Bottom line: if you’re concerned about fiber, juicing is fine because it retains all the soluble fiber.

There have been a few in recent months for under $100. Macy’s had one for $79. I’m not a big fan of them for various reasons, i.e. please see my post about apple juice. They take a lot of prep time (cutting the fruits), are hard to clean, and slow when juicing. Their major advantages are: quietness, low energy usage (typically around 200-300 watts) and great juice yield of leafy veggies. Leaves are a major weakness of centrifugal juicers. Other claimed advantages such as non-oxidation and low temperatures have yet to be proved. Although sales occur regular;y, better models typically run $200-$300, which is way more expensive than these top of the line Brevilles.

Do these come with any warranty?

Instead of replying to every one, I decided to just post a separate comment thanking the fine Woot users who provided incredibly helpful info and creative ideas (e.g., using the pulp to make flavored water).

Although it may seem like I’m against blenders, that’s far from the truth. In fact, I own two blenders. They have their place, but not for juicing. You can easily see this when juicing carrots. Every Vitamix recipe calls for the addition of water or ice because the juice yield is so low. Blenders are great for pureés though. But even then, I can’t justify a $400 Vitamix when a $100 800 watt blender can do just as well.

Along those lines, I should add centrifugal juicers are not all-purpose either. If you do a lot of leafy veggies, consider a masticating juicer or pureéing them in a blender. And if you juice citrus fruits, get an old fashion reaming juicer. They avoid juicing the white pith which makes juices bitter. We have a food processor which has blender, centrifugal juicer and citrus juicer attachments.

“Warranty: 6 Months Breville”

Yes, 6 months from the manufacturer. If you click on the Specs tab, the warranty is stated all the way at the bottom. The fact that these are Manufacturer Refurbished (as opposed to 3rd party refurbed) provides extra assurance to buyer. Buy a Square Trade warranty if you need extra insurance.

Great minds think alike. You beat me by 7 mins, according to Woot. :slight_smile: And thanks for the acknowledgement in your other post. Posting so much on Woot on a gorgeous NYC Saturday night is pretty pathetic, eh? My excuse is that I’m nursing a cold…

Ive been a pretty faithfull Omega juicer guy, for like 2 years now, but i I like the idea of an extra wide feed shoot, so ill give this guy a try, for when im not juicing the kale.

Stick with Omega. You can get their big mouth juicer for roughly the same price on Amazon, and it’s a better juicer than these Breville’s IMO. John Kohler says it’s the best big mouth juicer on the market. Plus, Omega’s warranty and customer service can’t be beat.